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Thursday, April 21, 2011

See our Assistant Curator in a Hoopskirt

For those of you who missed last weekend's Civil War History Consortium parade (luckily, it did not actually rain during the parade, although it was quite windy), here is a slideshow of photos from the event. The first image is of Robert Hicks, the director of the Mütter Museum, decked out in his surgeon's uniform--here's to the museum contingent!

No Rosenbachers are depicted in the slideshow, but in the Youtube video below you can see me--Kathy Haas, the Rosenbach's esteemed Assistant Curator--about 20 seconds in. I'm wearing a black and white plaid dress and carrying a basket, which I used to hold my super-sized stash of CWHC and Rosenbach handouts.

Luckily in this video my dress is actually behaving--I stupidly wore a very lightweight dress and it kept blowing around and getting tangled in the hoopskirt, which I had recently lengthened. I think some hoopskirt modification may be in order before the next event...

You might also be interested in Mayor Nutter's remarks, which were a nice recap of the reasons why Philadelphia in particular should commemorate the Civil War. A big thank you to blogger Scott Manning, who kindly posted a transcript.

1 comment:

laurablanchard said...

CivilWarPhilly still has 100-plus photos to go, including your Assistant Curator in a hoop skirt (I'm pretty sure).