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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Heat Wave

The weather this week is enough to make one wish it was July 4, 1776 rather than July 4, 2012--you can see Thomas Jefferson's notes on the weather at Monticello's website and his highest temperature recording on July 4th was 76 degrees and on the 5th it was only 74 degrees. Not too bad--and definitely a different picture than you get from one of my favorite guilty pleasures--the musical 1776, in which the characters sing that "it's hot as hell in Philadelphia."

Well, it's certainly hot today and here are a few pictures from the collection that seemed apropos.

George Cruiskhank, School of natation at the Stadium, Chelsea. 1834. Rosenbach Museum & Library.
This illustration of a "School of Natation" (or in other words, a swimming school) is from a book about Particulars and recommendations of the Stadium, or, British National Arena for manly and defensive exercises, equestrian, chivalric, and aquatic games, and skilful and amusing pastimes; at the residence of the late Lord Cremorne. You can see two tiny men in the water at the far left; they are attached to ropes that are held by the standing figure.

George Cruikshank, Humphrey's zeal for his master. 1831. Rosenbach Museum & Library 1954.1880.2874
 But remember, don't go swimming without a lifeguard.

George Cruikshank, View of the Yard to Mr. Seymour's House. 1827. Rosenbach Museum & Library. 1954.1880.2052
 Water guns are perennially popular.

George Cruikshank, August-Regatta.1837. Rosenbach Museum & Library. 1954.1880.3411

 As is a pleasant day of boating

George Cruikshank, Parisian Luxury. 1824. Rosenbach Museum & Library 1954.1880.1831
But this is what I'd really like to be doing during the heat wave.

Keep cool!

Kathy Haas is the Assistant Curator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library and the primary poster at the Rosen-blog

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