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Friday, October 05, 2012

Detail Detective (Part 2)

Here are the answers to the "detail detective" questions we posed two weeks ago. How many did you get correct?

This unicorn is part of the British royal coat of arms on the magnificent Paul Storr candelabra in the dining room.

This carved detail comes from the back of a chair in the first floor hallway.

Rosenbach Museum & Library 1954.300.001

This Meissen leopard is part of Marianne Moore's menagerie. It lives on the mantelpiece in the Moore Room.

Rosenbach Museum & Library 2006.3018   

This is a close-up of an 18th-century game table in the parlor. The well is to hold game counters. Ante up everyone!
Rosenbach Museum & Library. 1954.2028

This smart snake tells time on the Jean-Baptiste Baillon clock in the dining room. His tongue points to the correct time as the dials revolve.
Rosenbach Museum & Library 1954.2017

This is a close-up of an unusual bowl in the Moore room. It's on the right as you walk in, on the wooden sideboard. The bowl was a gift to Marianne Moore from her brother.

Rosenbach Museum & Library 2006.3052

Kathy Haas is the Assistant Curator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library and the primary poster at the Rosen-blog

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