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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Robert Burns loved the lasses aye, but did he love the snow?

Once again it is snowing on January 25th, the birthday of Robert Burns and the occasion of Burns Night celebrations around the world. Typically a Burns Night gathering is a supper of haggis, nips, and taddies interspersed with many toasts and recitations of the Scottish Bard's poetry. As I stopped to pick up the flowers for this afternoon's event at the Rosenbach, the florist asked me, "Did Burns love snow?" I did not know the correct answer to this question but I thought about it as I walked to work--and I guessed, yes Burns did love the snow, as he loved the lasses and the hills of Scotland, why not?

Here are the Rosenbach we are hosting a reading event of some of the Bard's most famous poems along with songs performed by Don and Susan Simon. Susan plays the bagpipe and Don plays guitar.

Here is the line up for this afternoon's program:

SONG: Scots Wha Hae
READINGS: To a Mouse, and Letters to Clarinda from Sylvander dated December 8, 1787 and March 18. 1788
SONGS: Ay fond kiss, and Green Grow the Rashes O’
READINGS: A Red, Red Rose, and To A Louse
SONGS: Corn Rigs, and John Anderson my jo John (two version)   
READINGS: To a Haggis, and Holy Willie’s Prayer
SONG: A Man’s A Man for A’ That
SONG: Auld Lang Syne
DANCE: Road To the Isles, and Gie Gordons

I a quiet excited to see the dance demonstration at the end of this year's program. This is anew addition to our program and I hope it sets everyone in the spirit properly!
The Rosenbach has several images of Robert Burns in our collections. One hangs in Marianne Moore's living room. If you had ever wondered what the Ploughman Poet really looked like click on the video link bellow:

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