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Friday, February 21, 2014

Quiz answers

The Rosen-blog was out of commission last week due to snow, but we're back now, so here are the answers to our literary lovers quiz.

Romeo &  Juliet
Petrarch & Laura
John Keats & Fanny Brawne
Elizabeth Bennett & Fitzwilliam Darcy
Odysseus & Penelope
Lady Chatterley & Oliver Mellors
Paolo & Francesca
Beatrice & Benedick (Dante would also be an acceptable answer)
James Joyce & Nora Barnacle
Mr. Rochester & Jane Eyre
Helen & Paris
Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas
Jonathan Harker & Mina Harker
Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas
Pyramus & Thisbe
Percy Bysshe Shelly & Mary Shelley
Lancelot & Guinevere
Marc Antony & Cleopatra
Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Robert Browning  
Charles Darnay &  Lucie Manette

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming warm weekend; we've been joking around here about  how we all have cabin fever, so here's a real cabin from our collections to remind you to get outside now that the snow is melting.

Kathy Haas is the Associate Curator at the Rosenbach of the Free Library of Philadelphia

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